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Who We Are?

History of Guney Orman

GUNEY ORMAN CO. was established in 1973 by HACI ISMAIL BUYUK, handed over the Company to his sons SALIH BUYUK, AHMET BUYUK, M.ZIYA BUYUK and SELAMI BUYUK in 1982. Initially in 1984 Started to operate its first timber factory in ARNAVUTKOY. Then opened the second production line for timber production in Asian Side of ISTANBUL, SANCAKTEPE in 1986. Besides producing timber, has begun to sell forestry products such as MDF, CHIPBOARDS and their variations since 1993. By opening new branch in UMRANIYE, GUNEY COMPANY extended it’s production line in 1996. And after 5 years opened the second branch in IKITELLI.

In 2011 GUNEY ORMAN commenced dimensioning panels and PVC edge bandings in four different branches around ISTANBUL. Our offices can be found in KUCUKKOY, SULTANGAZI and SERIFALI.